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Sustainability Policy

Finding ‘pathways to sustainability’ is at the core of our organisation, but our focus is generally on influencing others. This Sustainability Policy focuses on our internal practices, and on improving our sustainability performance as an organisation.

It covers all work activities undertaken by Ecologic Foundation staff. For an update on our performance and respective measures, see our Annual Reports.

Consistent with sound management practice we will:

  • Continually improve our environmental, social and economic performance through regular review of our policies, activities and practices,
  • Comply with all relevant legislation,
  • Ensure that sustainability considerations are included in all aspects of our business planning and operations,
  • Avoid, minimise or mitigate the adverse effects of our activities on the community and the environment
  • Embrace those products and services that are demonstrably more sustainable and are available at reasonable cost,
  • Be honest and transparent in our communications both internally and with external stakeholders,
  • Care for our staff and local communities by providing a safe and healthy working environment,
  • Promote team-work, skills development, and work–life balance,
  • Report on key, readily measurable aspects of our performance.
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