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Northern Lights conference presentations

Aurora borealis - the northern lightsBelow are links to the powerpoint presentations that were given at our Northern Lights conference in Wellington on 21 August 2007.  The files are in "Powerpoint Show" format and should run on any computer with or without Powerpoint software.

In addition, our Research Reports page has links to detailed reports on much of the work that was presented at the conference, and we will be adding more in the coming months as we complete further reports.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development - some key concepts

Collaborative Governance

Introducing Collaborative Governance: NZ and the Nordic countries 

Comparing Nordic and NZ institutional frameworks for resource management 

Protecting biodiversity on private land: collaboration or conflict?

Responding to climate change: NZ and Nordic experiences

Creating partnerships with indigenous peoples: the Sami experience

Collaborative Governance: Key findings

Market-based instruments

Resource rent and externalities: What's the difference?

The political economy of MBIs: fisheries, water permits and coastal rents

Taupo Nitrate Trading: a computer-based simulation

Stakeholder engagement in water policy reform: The Motueka catchment

Market-based instruments: Key findings


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