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Collaborative Governance on environmental policies affecting rural landowners - comparing Nordic and New Zealand practices - A paper prepared by an Ecologic team including collaborators at the University of Helsinki was recently presented at a conference at Yale University. It raises questions about how far collaborative approaches to policy-making can operate in a resource management system which prioritizes individual participatory rights, 15 June 2008

Governance of the Rural Environment - a paper by Guy Salmon, presented to 'Conflict in Paradise', Environmental Defence Society conference, Auckland, 12 June 2008

Sustainability issues in New Zealand agriculture – and possibilities for collaborative resolution of them, a paper by Guy Salmon on collaborative governance presented to the NZ Grasslands Assocation Annual Conference, Taupo, 19 November 2007. 

Collaborative Approaches to Sustainable Development – Lessons from the Nordic Countries, a paper by Guy Salmon on collaborative governance presented to the 9th Southeast Asian Survey Congress on the theme “Developing Sustainable Societies”, 31 October 2007. 

Northern Lights conference presentations, various presentations on collaborative governance and market-based instruments given at the Northern Lights Conference 2007: Democracy, markets and sustainability - resolving the tensions, Wellington, 21 August 2007. 

Stakeholders and evaluative integration: Opportunities and incentives to integrate knowledge - some converging threads, a paper by James Baines and Jim Sinner on integrated assessment presented to the Annual Conference of the International Association of Impact Assessment, June 2007. 

Beyond the RMA: Reflections on the Nordic experience, a paper by Guy Salmon on collaborative governance presented to the “Beyond the RMA” Conference, May 2007. 

Improving market-based instruments through role-playing games: Nitrate trading in New Zealand, a paper by Jim Sinner and Hana Crengle presented to the Berlin Conference on Human Dimensions of Global Change, November 2006. 

Statutory impediments to achieving the full benefits of forests, a paper by Guy Salmon on sustainable forestry presented to the NZ Institute of Forestry Conference, April 2006.

A catchment-based approach to managing farm runoff (ten steps to catchment care) - a paper by Jim Sinner, presented to the Dairy3 Conference, describing a voluntary approach to addressing water pollution from farm runoff, based on integrated catchment management. April 2006.

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